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If you would like any other information please feel free to contact us at info@ridebmba.org We look forward to meeting you, and riding with you in the future!

Brevard Mountain Bike Association
P.O. Box 100548
Palm Bay, FL 32910

Officer Contact List:


Glenn Hawks • vader@ridebmba.org

Vice President

Jim Tinkler • jim@ridebmba.org

civil designer

Jeff Kendall • jeff@ridebmba.org

Trail Coordinator

Glen Dunnam • glen@ridebmba.org

Volunteer Coordinator

Nick Maldonado • nick@ridebmba.org

Graphic/Web Design

Mike Oliver • mike@ridebmba.org


Lisa Amy • lisa@ridebmba.org

Derek Hogeland • derek@ridebmba.org

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Infinity Bike Shop


Brevard County EEL

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